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AMARILLO – the people who live here  call their town „ The Yellow Rose Of Texas“!
... and that is easy to understand, because „Amarillo“ is the spanish word for yellow and even the nearby river has this colour. 
The town located right at the legendary route 66 in the north of Texas (The Panhandle) is mainly known for its cattle trade. Real cowboy life is guaranteed, which offers enough material for countless country songs. One of them sung by Chris Ledoux and George Strait is responsible for the Band’s name:  AMARILLO – By Morning!

To be honest – the cowboys’ lifestyle isn‘t really the matter of the boys from the Band AMARILLO. But they really live and love country music. And this kind of worship is only one reason why they are on the road for 25 years now. Always demanding to perform country music authentically and in an American way. 
Their definition of country music is simple: It has to be pure, honest and appealing, no matter if the song is traditional or modern.  So they developed their own sound through the years: In front of an impressive diversity of instruments like piano, electric- and acoustic-guitar, accordion, bass, mandolin, bluesharp and sometimes fiddle or steel guitar stands an amazing strong and clear lead voice, accompanied by well arranged harmony vocals.
Due to this flexibility they cover a wide field in Country Music like Cajun, Rock, Pop, Blues, Traditional, but the focus still lies on Country Msic as known from the late 80’s to the early 90’s and still holding on!

  The Band ...

... celebrated its 25th band anniversary in 2016 which now also means 25 years of experience, musical quality and assiduity within a still growing German and European country music scene. But perseverance always was a quality Amarillo was known for as well as their musical skills, which lead them to the winning of the German Country Music Award.
Considering the sound of Amarillo nothing is left to chance. Despite their own technical equipment they cooperate with professional technical engineers to offer the best possible musical treat. 


This is what we do on Stage. Watch the videos!!

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